22- Min Helicopter Tour in Dubai

22- Min Helicopter Tour in Dubai

Explore the city and get an aerial view from an exhilarating 22-minute helicopter tour Dubai which takes off from the Dubai Marina Helipad. Double your excitement and experience a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as you fly over some of the world's most unique man-made structures. Get a stunning view of the World's tallest 7-star building, Burj Al Arab, and the world's largest man-made Island, The Palm Jumeirah. Witness the beauty of old Dubai from the sky, and get beautiful panoramic visuals of Dubai's old heritages like the Wind Tower, The Old Souk and The Dubai Creek that separates Bur Dubai and Deira. This 22-minute helicopter tour in Dubai is a must-try experience during your visit to Dubai that you will cherish for years to come. The activity takes place under the supervision of expert pilots and guides who will not only take you through the sites of Dubai City but also explain to you the places you will be visiting in the due course of the trip.

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Why to Book 22- Min Helicopter Tour in Dubai?

In the 22-minute helicopter tour, Dubai appears to you with some of the most spectacular sights of the landmarks of Dubai while getting to know about them. The helicopter tour Dubai Plan is the most well-known tourist experience offering you breathtaking views of the City of Vision that you will cherish all through your life.

Apart from The Burj Khalifa, the world's longest building, you will be able to witness structures that are known worldwide such as the Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis, and The Palm hotel. With this 22 minutes helicopter tour, you will get to explore in order, the Dubai Canal, Bur Dubai's Wind Towers, the Dubai Creek Golf Course, and many others.

Points to Remember While Going for 22- Min Helicopter Tour Dubai

Best Time of the Day

Dubai frequently withstands a mild haze mostly because of sand, pollution, or a lack of greenery that can reduce visibility. We suggest scheduling your 22 min helicopter ride in Dubai during the middle of the day because that is when the haze/dust is said to be at its lowest concentration. You can also book an early morning slot to get a relatively clear view of the Dubai skyline but due to limited visibility, you should avoid any slots during or post sunset.

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Before making a reservation for your 22-minute Dubai helicopter tour, you should definitely keep in mind the weather during that time. When purchasing last-minute tickets, be aware that inclement weather, such as thunderstorms and dust storms, may result in the postponement or cancellation of your trip.

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Tour Duration

Each trip has a defined length that can range from 12 to 40 minutes, as you can see from our list of the top helicopter tours in Dubai. Consider how much time you want to spend in the air when buying aerial sightseeing tickets in Dubai. We advise taking a longer tour even if it might cost extra. The main problem with helicopter city tours is that they typically only happen once. As a result, a longer journey like a 22 min helicopter ride in Dubai will provide you the chance to enjoy the thrill of flying for a longer amount of time.

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Know Before You Go For 22- Min Helicopter Tour Dubai

  • Dubai is frequently shrouded in a light haze that impairs visibility. We advise scheduling your 22 minutes helicopter tour Dubai around midday when the haze/dust is considered to be at its lowest concentration.
  • It is also advisable to book an early morning slot to get a clear view of the Dubai skyline but avoid the sunset and post-sunset slots at all costs.
  • Make sure to check the weather conditions before booking the Helicopter Ride.
  • Carry your passport at all times as they might be required at the security check post.
  • Even though it can cost more, it is recommended that you take the lengthier (40-minute) helicopter tour of Dubai as it will provide you the chance to enjoy the thrill of flying for a longer amount of time.
  • Always follow the instructions and follow the safety protocols as specified by the pilots and the tour guides.
  • It’s safe to carry some anti-anxiety medicine to aid you through the flight after contacting your doctor.
  • Pregnant women are only permitted during the first 32 weeks of their pregnancy.
  • 4 to 16-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Only kids who are 4 years old or older and weigh at least 16 kg are permitted on the helicopter tours.
  • Refrain from carrying foods and beverages on the helicopter and avoid smoking as it is strictly prohibited.

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Main Attractions to Spot

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab, the only hotel in the entire world to have a 7-star rating was constructed in 1999 and is located on a man-made island off Jumeirah Road. This well-known structure, designed to resemble a dhow's sail, houses a fleet of glistening limousines with chauffeurs as well as a helipad. The hotel features 203 suites, 24-carat gold-gilded interiors and expansive Burj Al Arab Terrace all of which are synonymous with luxury. The hotel is 180 metres tall, and many of its interior features are clad in real gold, giving it a more regal appearance.

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The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah, a stunning artificial and extensive group of islands located in Dubai, is often regarded as the pinnacle of beauty and grace. When seen from above, this stunning island appears to be a huge palm tree that stretches into the Persian Gulf. Several of Dubai's most popular tourist destinations including Atlantis, Lost Chambers Aquarium, and Aquaventure Waterpark are located on The Palm Jumeirah. Many of the renowned names in the hotels of Dubai like Atlantis, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel and The Palm are at the Palm Jumeirah. For all that it holds, the Palm Jumeirah is often considered to be the country's first substantial tourism endeavour.

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Atlantis, The Palm hotel

Atlantis, The Palm hotel complex, which has more than 1,500 guest rooms, is located on the Jumeirah Palm island in Dubai. The facility, which spans a total of 46 hectares, features an underwater city, a waterpark and star-studded restaurants. The resort houses the world's largest waterpark, Atlantis Aquaventure with world-class rides for thrill-seekers and one aquarium where one can also have an encounter with marine animals. For those who want to learn more about marine life, the Lost Chambers Aquarium has 65,000 marine creatures. Young guests can participate in a range of activities at the Atlantis Kids Club.

The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the highest building in the world, is the most sought-after tourist destination which needs no introduction. It might surprise you to learn that the architecture of the Burj Khalifa is firmly anchored in the culture of Dubai. Dine in luxury at the top eateries in Dubai, which are conveniently located in the Burj Khalifa. Visit At.mosphere for one of the best fine dining experiences in the city, Amal for a gastronomic journey through Indian food, Ristorante for mouth watering Italian fare, Hashi for mouthwatering Japanese fare, and many other eateries. Shop until you drop at The Dubai Mall, the second-largest mall in the world and one of the top shopping destinations on earth!

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The Dubai Canal

The artificial Dubai Water Canal is one of the most extravagant and environment friendly developments in the Emirate. It spans a 3.2-kilometer river from the Creek in Old Dubai all the way to the Arabian Gulf. The canal serves more than just a popular tourist destination; it also offers routes for getting throughout the city and serves as an effective transit system. All of the street lights along the canal are solar-powered, ensuring sustainable resource use and making the waterway green. Abra or a traditional Arabic dhow cruise would provide the best views and experiences of the canal.

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Dubai Creek

Saltwater Creek, one of the biggest ports in the United Arab Emirates, divides the city into two parts and connects the trading port to the desert. In addition to supporting trade, business, and tourists, this waterway, which is extended to the Persian Gulf and the wildlife sanctuary, acts as a commercial drive force. A lot of people enjoy taking evening outings at Dubai Creek.. During your 22 minutes helicopter tour Dubai, get a glimpse of the old Dubai during the trading era by admiring the light and music performances, floating and moving shows, yachts, boats, and other watercraft. Great lunch and a starry waterfront are all you need to cap off your journey and holiday on a good note!

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The Wind Towers in Bur Dubai

The oldest neighbourhood in +Dubai is Al Bastakiya, sometimes referred to as the Al Fahidi Cultural and Historical District. Its skyline is dotted with four-sided buildings that resemble chimneys and have apertures that rise from the rooftops of surrounding homes. And although they can seem to be decorative elements of architecture, these are actually the earliest forms of air conditioning. Wind catchers, also known as wind towers, are tall structures that are said to have originated in prehistoric Egypt and Persia.

Dubai Creek Golf Club

The Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club offers a stunning view of the Creek and Marina and is situated right in the centre of the city. The 18-hole, par-71 championship course, which spans 6967 yards and has meandering fairways lined with date palms and coconut trees as well as water hazards and vegetation, was created by Thomas Bjorn. The Dubai Desert Classic was held at the Dubai Creek golf course, which dominates Dubai's coastline and has played host to various competitions and events. The magnificent clubhouse perfectly blends heritage with contemporary and beauty, capturing the essence of Dubai's seafaring traditions.

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The Jumeirah Coastline

This long, white-sand beach is one of Dubai's most popular tourist locations that stretch down the coast to south of the city's famed Al Fahidi neighbourhood. The collection of luxurious hotels and resorts, including the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Wild Wadi Water Park, and Burj Al Arab (Arab Tower) hotel, adds grace to the bustling waterfront. There is a facility for many watersports, including kitesurfing, jet skiing and more, for thrill seekers. Additionally, beachgoers can rent sun loungers for a relaxing day at the shore.

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FAQ's of 22- Min Helicopter Tour Dubai

Why is the 22- Min Vision Tour so famous in Dubai?

The 22 min helicopter ride in Dubai is famous as it gives you a complete aerial tour of the city which allows you to witness all the popular attractions of the city in a very short time.

How many people are allowed on each 22 minutes helicopter ride Dubai?

In the 22 minutes helicopter tour Dubai, only 5 passengers are allowed per flight.

Where is the Pickup Location for the 22 minutes helicopter tour Dubai?

You will be picked up from your hotel accommodation if you have booked the transfer package inclusive of the total 22 min helicopter ride in Dubai.

What is the best time of day for the 22-minute helicopter tour to get the best views?

The 22-minute helicopter tour can be enjoyed at various times of the day, but flights during the daytime offer the best visibility and opportunity for photography. Morning and late afternoon are generally preferred for clear lighting conditions.

Are there any age restrictions for the 22-minute helicopter tour?

Age restrictions may vary between tour operators, but in general, there might be no strict age limit. However, young children may need to be accompanied by an adult. Check with the tour operator regarding their specific age policy.

Can I carry bags or personal belongings on the helicopter?

Most tour operators advise passengers to leave large bags and bulky personal belongings at the designated storage area before the flight. You may be allowed to bring small items like cameras and phones, but it's best to check with the operator beforehand.


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