15-Min Helicopter Tour & Red Dunes Desert Safari

15-Min Helicopter Tour of Dubai & Red Dunes Desert Safari with Bedouin Camp Experience

Indulge in a thrilling combination of a 15-minute helicopter tour of Dubai's iconic landmarks and an unforgettable evening desert safari with a Bedouin camp experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Dubai from the skies and the enchanting Arabian desert, creating memories to last a lifetime.

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Helicopter Tour: Discover Dubai's Magnificent Landmarks from Above

Embark on a breathtaking 15-minute helicopter ride over Dubai, taking off from the Dubai Police Academy. As you soar above the city, feast your eyes on a mesmerizing panorama that blends the old and the new. Marvel at iconic landmarks including the majestic Burj Khalifa, the luxurious Burj Al Arab, and the world-renowned Palm Jumeirah. Enjoy the view of Dubai's famous beach corniche and witness the architectural wonder of the Dubai Canal. This helicopter tour promises an exhilarating and unforgettable experience, offering a unique perspective of Dubai's splendor.


Red Dunes Desert Safari: A Thrilling Desert Adventure

After the helicopter tour, get ready for an exciting evening desert safari. Hop into a comfortable 4x4 vehicle and venture into the heart of the Arabian desert. Hold on tight as you experience the adrenaline rush of dune bashing, navigating the undulating sand dunes with skill and precision.

Arrive at a traditional Bedouin camp, where a world of Arabian hospitality and cultural experiences awaits. Engage in camel riding, a cherished Bedouin tradition, and capture the essence of desert life. Indulge in unlimited shisha and adorn your hands with intricate henna designs, immersing yourself in the rich traditions of the region.

As the sun sets, get ready to be entertained by captivating performances. Witness the mesmerizing tanoura dance, as performers whirl in vibrant, colorful skirts. Experience the hypnotic rhythm of belly dancing, showcasing the artistry and grace of this traditional dance form. Marvel at the skillful horse show, a display of equestrian prowess.

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Capture Memories and Savor a Delectable Feast

Throughout the desert safari, take advantage of photo opportunities, dress up in traditional Arabic attire, and capture unique moments against the picturesque desert backdrop.

Conclude your day with a sumptuous buffet feast, offering a wide array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to tantalize your taste buds. Savor the flavors of Arabia as you enjoy unlimited soft drinks, water, tea, and coffee, completing your desert adventure on a delicious note.

Immerse yourself in the best of Dubai with this extraordinary package, combining a thrilling helicopter tour and an unforgettable desert safari. From the heights of the sky to the vastness of the desert, this experience offers a complete exploration of Dubai's wonders. Create cherished memories as you discover the city's iconic landmarks and embrace the beauty and hospitality of the Arabian desert.

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Know Before You Go On 15-Min Helicopter Tour Red Dunes Desert Safari

Important Information
  • During Ramadan, certain activities will not be available: Belly Dance and serving of liquor.
  • Tanoura Show and Fire Show will still be performed at the desert camp.
  • Restrooms are available for guests' convenience.

Must Checkout:

  • Helicopter Ride: 9am to 1.45pm
  • Desert Safari Pick-up: 2.30pm to 3pm (During Ramadan: 3:30pm - 4pm)
  • Desert Safari Drop-off: 9pm to 9:30pm

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  • Glide over Dubai's older and modern areas on a 15-minute helicopter tour, capturing stunning aerial views.
  • Discover iconic landmarks including the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab from the sky.
  • Experience the adrenaline of dune bashing in a 4x4 before enjoying camel riding and cultural activities at a Bedouin camp.
  • Immerse yourself in traditional dance forms like tanoura and belly dancing, along with captivating horse and fire shows.
  • Indulge in a delectable buffet featuring a wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
  • Savor unlimited beverages including soft drinks, water, tea, and coffee throughout the evening.
  • Capture unforgettable memories as you embrace the best of Dubai's skyline and the enchanting Arabian desert.

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  • 15-minute helicopter tour providing stunning views of Dubai.
  • Convenient hotel pick-up and drop-off service for Desert Safari.
  • Thrilling desert dune bashing experience
  • Captivating belly dancing show
  • Mesmerizing Tanoura dance performance
  • Enjoy camel riding in the desert
  • Adorn your hands with beautiful henna designs
  • Stay refreshed with unlimited soft drinks, water, tea, and coffee
  • Experience the flavors of hubblee-bubblee shisha
  • Capture memories dressed in traditional Arabic attire
  • Feast on a delectable BBQ buffet dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options
  • Capture stunning sunset photographs in the desert setting

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FAQ’s About 15-Min Helicopter Tour $Red Dunes Desert Safari

What activities are included in the Red Dunes Desert Safari with Bedouin Camp Experience?

The desert safari includes activities such as dune bashing, camel riding, henna painting, and traditional dance performances like tanoura and belly dancing.

Is vegetarian food available during the Bedouin camp experience?

Yes, the buffet dinner offers a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to cater to different dietary preferences.

Are restroom facilities available during the desert safari?

Yes, restroom facilities are available for guests' convenience.

Can I take photographs during the helicopter tour and desert safari?

Yes, you are encouraged to capture the breathtaking views and memorable moments during both the helicopter tour and the desert safari.

Is the Red Dunes Desert Safari suitable for children?

Yes, the Red Dunes Desert Safari is suitable for children, but parental supervision is advised during activities such as camel riding.

Is hotel pick-up and drop-off provided for the desert safari?

Yes, hotel pick-up and drop-off service is included for the desert safari.

Are there any restrictions for the desert safari?

Certain activities may not be available during Ramadan, such as belly dancing and serving of liquor.


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